Headhunting – searching for suitable workers

We will find suitable workers on the levels of top management, middle management and specialists in multiple areas; namely Quality, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Logistics, Maintenance, Technology, Project management, Research & Development, Human Resources and Finance.

Our recruitment owes its success to:

  • Pertinent understanding of the industry environment
  • Our experienced team not only created from HR specialists but also people with experience from technical departments and management suppliers of the automotive industry
  • Extensive multi-sector experience and long-term practice

We take advantage of environment knowledge and long-term experience.
This is the main reason for our success and efficiency in this activity.

Benefits that you will appreciate

We know that time equals money, you know that and your competitors know that too. The quicker we find the right person, the faster you will be able to implement your plans.

Expertise and qualification are the essentials. We understand your actual needs as we were working in the same positions. 


We offer many years of experience and knowledge of the automotive industry. During its existence, TP Consulting participated in many different projects in
the Czech Republic and abroad. We have experience with production plants,
with interior, security, and exterior components and electrical components.

Our headhunters will prepare for you a list of candidates we consider as the best ones for the respective position. We will not burden you with the need to select from a large number of candidates.

Why are we effective? We make use of our knowledge of environment and long-term experience. This is the main reason we are so successful and so effective in this field.