Professional practical consultations

Due to your interest in practical In-house expertise resulting from your everyday needs, we offer professional practical advice.

Choose according to your needs:

  • Practical implementation of "Self-audit process" according to the requirements of Formel Q - Eligibility 8.0

  • Practical implementation of "Self-audit D / TLD" documentation as required by Formel Q - Eligibility 8.0

  • Practical implementation of "Self-audit application review" as required by Formel Q - Eligibility 8.0

  • Practical preparation for project maturity levels (RGA) including LION application

  • Practical preparation and implementation of internal or customer 2TP


Benefits that you will appreciate

Fast reaction rate

We will provide you with an expert who can help you with the project within days. Your project will not have any long delays, you will not be standing at one place.


For over 10 years, we have been working with experienced automotive professionals throughout the Czech Republic and around the world. Here you can see examples of implemented projects.

Fast obtain of needed information

At the beginning of the expert consultation, the objectives are defined on which our consultant starts working immediately and whose fulfillment is his main mission.

Flexible duration of the expertise

The duration of expert consultations is flexibly determined by customer requirements. At start-up, the length and possible options for extending the project are determined.

Crisis management

We will help you out of the crisis! If your company gets into a crisis situation, our consultant will help solve it quickly. Do not be afraid to contact experts who will help you to open the door and find the right way.