Professional retraining

We train professional requirements of VW Group and other specific topics. The trainings are executed by a team of professional officers with a longstanding experience in this subject.

Company training (In-house)

We offer company trainings within your company or in our premises in Liberec. The date and content of these trainings are tailored to fit your requirements.

Open training (Open)


Besides company trainings, we also offer Open trainings. This means intensive multiday training in a comfortable environment in a professional training centre in UKO in Bedrichov u Jablonce nad Nisou. In the training centre, there is a restaurant UKO available with the option of an indoor pool, wellness, bowling, minigolf, etc. in a beautiful area surrounded by Jizera Mountains. Further trainings are held in a calm environment of conference halls in the headquarters of the Czech Society for Quality in Prague near Charles bridge.

List of trainings

  • Formel Q  Concrete, 5th issue 2015 and
  • Formel Q Qualification, 8th issue 2015
  • QPN, New parts integral, 4th issue 2014
  • Leading documentation audit D/TLD
  • Performing self-audit according to Formel Q requirements
  • Specific requirements – AR (new requirement)
  • Quality technician – intended for masters, quality inspectors, heads of production teams
  • Specific trainings and consultations according to customer’s requirements. 

Benefits that you will appreciate


Promptness, simplicity and effectiveness, all focused on your needs and requirements.


We are experts with many years of experience gained in a wide range of industries, in the complete production chain including OEM and the entire management level.


We offer many years of experience and knowledge of the automotive industry. During its existence, TP Consulting participated in many different projects in
the Czech Republic and abroad. We have experience with production plants,
with interior, security, and exterior components and electrical components.

Wide range of services

We provide system, process and product consulting according to the customer's requirements. We focus on serial production, but we also implement development contracts (both for a product and a process) and after-market services.

Customer orientation

You can rely on our services in any situation. We act quickly and flexibly, always concentrating on the satisfaction of our clients.