Most of our consultants have actively participated in international automotive industry since 1995. First we learned from foreign specialists, and now apply the gained skills in production facilities where we worked. We kept growing and got to the managerial positions. Since 2003 we have offered our experience in various consulting projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The automotive industry is changing very quickly and we adapt flexibly to current requirements and trends. We were beginning with ISO systems consulting but gradually most of our projects transitioned to processes sector. Expert consulting on particular products is not an exception as well (for example special stitching, materials sector consulting, and leather quality). We focus on product development as well. Customer’s particular requirements matter the most. 

Examples of implemented consulting projects are presented here.

Benefits that you will appreciate


Promptness, simplicity and effectiveness, all focused on your needs and requirements.


We are experts with many years of experience gained in a wide range of industries, in the complete production chain including OEM and the entire management level.


We offer many years of experience and knowledge of the automotive industry. During its existence, TP Consulting participated in many different projects in
the Czech Republic and abroad. We have experience with production plants,
with interior, security, and exterior components and electrical components.

Wide range of services

We provide system, process and product consulting according to the customer's requirements. We focus on serial production, but we also implement development contracts (both for a product and a process) and after-market services.

Customer orientation

You can rely on our services in any situation. We act quickly and flexibly, always concentrating on the satisfaction of our clients.