27. 1. 2017

KOPRIVNICE/OSTRAVA (Autofox, CTK) - Radek Strouhal become the new CEO of the Czech truck manufacturer Tatra Trucks on February 1, 2017. Since December 2015, the position has been held by Martin Bednarz, who is leaving the company, said Tatra.

“We thank Martin Bednarz for his work in our company, especially for setting up production in the coming stabilization phase and we wish him good luck in his future position,” said Petr Rusek, board chairman of Tatra Trucks and board member of Czechoslovak Group.

Bednarz’s future activity is not yet known. “I wish Tatra growth in the future, of which a good foundation was laid during my contract. As for me, I am open to new management challenges in Czech and global industry,” said Bednarz.

Radek Strouhal began his career at Czech company Promet Group, where he worked from 2006 to 2013. He started out as a risk manager, later as head of financial controlling and four years before joining the Tatra he served as Chief Financial Officer. Within the Promet Group, he was involved in acquisition projects, such as the acquisition of Czech company Kofing in 2009 or the acquisition of Czech company Tawesco in 2011.

From the beginning, Strouhal served in a team responsible for ownership takeover and rescue of Tatra. In October 2013 he was appointed Vice Chairman of Tatra Trucks and financial director of the company.

“Radek has been a part of the management team of Tatra since the entering of the existing owners. He played a key role in saving the company over the financial management and negotiations with banks and other financial partners; he managed and still manages both these roles very well,” mentioned Rusek.

In 2016, Tatra produced 1,326 vehicles (+56%). After a production hike, the company is now entering a period where the focus will be on optimizing costs, increasing labor productivity and the associated investment in key corporate infrastructure. “Therefore, Radek Strouhal assumes the position of CEO, who largely resolved and covered these priorities in his present position already,” added Rusek.

“To assume the position of the head of the third oldest carmaker in the world is a great honor and responsibility to me. Tatra expects another increase in production, but in addition, productivity must increase as well. Its growth will be supported by hundreds of millions of investment, including a project of reconstruction of the middle tract of the company, which after the internal facilities and external appearance will transform Tatra into a modern industrial building. I will put great emphasis on personal work and positive employee motivation not only in manufacturing but also in business and other sections. We managed to save the company by joint work of the entire team of Tatra employees, but the long-term development is coming now,” said Radek Strouhal.